Dental Implants in Las Vegas

Dental Implants

Las Vegas dentists are well-known for their world-class quality dental treatments that, when combined with their exceptional patient-centered approaches and use of highly innovative technologies, can truly provide more meaningful oral and dental health for anyone and everyone. One of these dental treatments is the application of an implant upon which other dental appliances can be mounted on to provide a longer-lasting solution to missing teeth. When it comes to dental implants, Las Vegas dentists do it more efficiently and more effectively than others.

Implants used in dentistry are generally indicated for individuals who have missing teeth. There are many reasons why an individual can have a missing tooth. It can be because of extensive tooth decay that the tooth can no longer be saved by other means. It can also be because of accidents such as those involved in contact sports, falls, or even traffic accidents. Whatever the cause, it really is not good to have missing teeth since it can significantly weaken the structure of the jaw bone, among other potential health problems. This is in addition to the aesthetic implications of having missing tooth.

An implant is a device that is mostly made of titanium, although it is not uncommon that other materials are also used as long as the cells of the immune system will not attack and reject it. These devices resemble metal posts, pillars, or frames that are embedded into the jawbone of the individual, effectively replacing the missing tooth. They serve as anchors or attachment points for other dental appliances such as dental crowns, veneers, and bridges, among other things.

These devices are surgically implanted into your jawbone where the missing tooth used to be located by your Las Vegas dentist. Because of the nature of the procedure, your dentist will give you an anesthetic agent to help numb the pain as the device is slowly advanced into your jawbone. As such, it is also imperative that your dental professional make certain that you don’t have any allergies to the anesthetic agent that will be used. Once the device has been implanted you will be advised to refrain from eating hard foods as these can negatively impact the just-implanted device. You will also be advised to take more soft foods, warm soups, and even cold foods to help in the healing process.

Over time, the bone tissue that surrounds the dental device will adhere to the surface of the implant. This is called osseointegration. This is what gives the implant its exceptional strength and durability, making it more like a part of your jawbone. Essentially, it is since the surrounding bone tissue bonds with the surface of the device making them one. This is one of the most important areas of dental implantation. If the wrong type of material is used in the device there is a chance that the surrounding bone tissue will not bond with the material. Instead it will reject it. And like all types of transplant rejections, there can be complications.

The process of osseointegration takes time, often several months depending on how well the surrounding bone tissues bond with the implant. Until such time, other dental appliances have to wait before they can be permanently anchored onto the implant. However, there are also some individuals who can have the implant and the different dental appliances in a single visit. Technically, it all depends on the clinical assessment of your Las Vegas dentist.

If the implant is for a single missing tooth only, your dentist can design a dental crown which can be fitted over the implant giving you a permanently-looking artificial tooth. If there are several missing teeth, then your dentist will be creating a dental bridge. Since these dental appliances are made-to-order for exactness of fit, it will take time before these can be placed over your implant. In the meantime your dentist can apply temporary solutions to help you speak normally and resume your normal eating patterns.

Las Vegas dentists are well-known for providing exceptional implants for their dental patients. These are carefully selected to match the unique anatomical characteristics of each patient’s oral cavity. It is through this highly-personalized approach that these dentists can provide exceptional implant services.